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Art Gel


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The amazing piece that every nail artist should have in its collection. The Blooming Gel will take your creativity to the next level!

Transparent : 15ml

Instructions :

60 sec by UV Lamp, 30 sec by LED

  1. Apply base coat and cure
  2. Apply color gel and cure
  3. Apply the transparent blooming gel
  4. Draw with the art brush and gel color into the blooming gel and cure once you have achieved the desired design
  5. Apply the top coat and cure.

You can clean your brush with alcohol, acetone or soap and warm water!

Ingredients :

Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate, 2-Hydroxypropyl Methacrylate, 1 Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Silica, Polythylene tere Phthalate (PET) May contain(+/-):Trimethylolp ropane Triacrylate,Ethoxy lated Nony Lphenol,Branched.
Dipentaerythritol Hexaacrylate ,  N,N-Dimethylacrylamide


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