Dipping Powders Brush Saver

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The most important item for your brushes. The brush saver, will clean any residue from your brushes ensuring a healthy reusage of your brushes.

Dipping Powder Brush Saver - 10ml

Instructions :

  1. Buff your nails to remove shine
  2. Apply Base Coat
  3. Dip your nails in the powder and tap the powder excess from your nails. Repeat steps 2-3 for each nail.
  4. Apply a generous amount of Activator on each nail. Allow it to dry and make sure to cover the edges and cap the free edge.
  5. Once dry, shape the nails with a file and you can use a drill to clean the cuticle area.
  6. Use a buffer to smooth the nail area. Rinse hands with water, no soap and let them dry. If you don't want to use water, use a brush to remove the dust excess.
  7. Apply another coat of Activator. Make sure to let it dry for 2 minutes in order to get the perfect shine while applying the final step.
  8. Apply the Top Coat. Make sure to apply it in 2-3 very quick strokes.
  9. Wait for 15 seconds and apply a slower, more detailed  second layer of Top Coat. Wait 1-2 minutes to dry.

Ingredients :

2-Propanone, Acetic acid ethyl ester


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