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Dual Forms 360

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The easiest way to create nail extensions! You can now get this amazing pack, containing 360 dual forms that come in 12 sizes! Enjoy!

Dual forms - 360


  1. First you need to prep your nails
  2. Apply base coat and cure
  3. Choose the size and fit of the dual form matching your natural nail.
  4. Apply polygel on the dual form.
  5. The dual form is now ready to be applied on the natural nail. Now, hold the dual form with the index finger and thumb of your other hand and apply gentle pressure for 10 seconds on the area where the extension beyond your natural nail is. This will help the nail stay firmly in place. Once the product is set, cure it. After curing, gently remove the dual form by pinching the margins.
  6. File the shape of your nail and buff it, clean the dust
  7. Apply top coat and cure


You're done!

You can clean your brush with alcohol, acetone or soap and warm water!


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