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Our archiTECHture gel is a hybrid formula which combines the strength of acrylic with the flexibility of gel. It provides the perfect foundation for a long lasting nail enhancement.

Ideal for the structure of sculpted nails, on tips and on natural fingernails and toenails, providing perfect results, with a system that allows you to work faster with the right amount without wasting product.

Also known as Polygel and Acryl Gel

Product Spec:
  • Clear in colour
  • Create any length extensions with sculpting forms or tips

  • Strong and hardwearing

  • Virtually no heat transfer

  • Available in 6 shades

  • 30g and 60g tube

  • 100% Gel product

  • Base coat required - use Clear Rubber Base Coat or Base Coat

  • LED - 60 seconds cure (48w and above) / UV - 2 minutes cure

  • Finish by applying Top coat - use High Shine Top Coat

This product is hard gel and is file off removal - we recommend infill. For the perfect application use our Tech Gel Brush.


Colour in the above picture may differ due to the lighting used and resolution on an electronic device.



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